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Client experience 

‘‘Our first conversation with Donaldson and Coop was on the 7th of October, we discussed the real estate sales process and what we could expect. By the 10th of October we had our agreement in place and we excitedly awaited the next step.

The next step came a lot quicker than we could have anticipated; we were delighted that after only 17 inspections, within three months our home was sold, and better still we got asking price we wanted.

The process went smoothly, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to recommend Donaldson and Coop; their genuine approach to our home, and their transparency throughout the duration of the process was second-to-none.

We are so happy that we chose Donaldson and Coop as our real estate agents, and we urge anyone on the Gold Coast that is considering selling their home to have a chat with one of their friendly and professional advisors’’.

Julian Victoria.



This is only one of our many success stories. If you are looking to sell your property, contact one of our agents at

At Donaldson and Coop we are proud of the reputation we have build from our hard work and commitment to the Gold Coast community.

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